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Deepthi Sharma wrote on 5/24/2021 7:52:19 PM in Soft Skills | Read 611 times.
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What is Workplace?

A workplace is a location where someone works for their employer, a place of employment. Such a place can range from a home office to a large office building or factory. 

The role of communication at workplace

The following are the vital roles of communication in all aspects of a business –

It is a Foundation of Decision Making

                      In business, a lot of decision making takes place. Communication is a way of expressing their ideas to proposed projects or making solutions to problems. Through communicating, they can decide on the right thing that they will do. 

Promotes Productivity

           Without communication, the business won’t be productive. Through communicating the ideas of improvement, employees can produce the best ways to become more productive. 

Enables Employees to Be Closer 

                    Through communication, employees will connect and build a strong bond. And when they are close, they would be more open to communicating their thoughts, the same way as taking comments and suggestions constructively. 

Brings a Positive Atmosphere 

                    Being stressed with work is nothing if the atmosphere is friendly and accommodating. It is easier to deal with stressful work if you have a support system you can connect with. It is giving a feeling of a work-friendly environment that stimulates your body to do your best at work. It also assures you that when problems arise, you have your team who will be there for you, which makes you feel okay. 

It Keeps Misunderstanding Away 

                   Having misunderstanding and conflict often happens because of miscommunication. If there is a miscommunication, there is a chance for the employees to have a conflict with each other. And conflict often leads to unpleasant events that can affect the business.

It Connects You with Your Customers 

              Without excellent communication skills, you will not win customers, which will make your business fail. Customers are vital factors in your business. If you lack the communication skills to connect with them, your business is more likely to fail. Therefore, to have a successful business, you should communicate well with your customers. They should be able to understand your services and products wherein they should not be confused.


In this Post we have seen what workplace is and importance of communication at workplace. This question was asked in the Assignment of B tech 2nd Sem pertaining to Subject Soft Skills. For more questions will come with more Post.

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