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Deepthi Sharma wrote on 6/6/2021 12:06:45 PM in Soft Skills | Read 717 times.
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Interpersonal communication 

Interpersonal communication involves two parties – a sender and a receiver, who use common language to transmit message either through oral or written communication. In simple words the communication between two people is referred as Interpersonal communication. It is one of the basic means of communication. The Interpersonal communication skills can be improved by practice, Knowledge, and feedback. The Interpersonal Communication takes place when two people are at same place and aware of each other’s presence, no matter how unintentional or unpremeditated it is. It may not be in the form of speech, it may be a gesture, an expression, the dress, or the body. 

Consider the following ways to improve interpersonal skills –

Attend workshops or online classes:

There are several workshops, online classes, and videos on ways you can practice building interpersonal skills. 

Seek opportunities to build relationships:

If you work from home or do not otherwise have many opportunities to build interpersonal skills, you might consider joining a group. This could be related to your work—networking or industry-specific groups—or simply a group that shares a similar interest or hobby.

Be thoughtful about ways your interactions could improve:

Take time to review the interactions you have had and consider ways you could have interacted more effectively. This might be certain words you said, ways you reacted or body language you used.

Ask trusted friends or colleagues for constructive criticism:

It is helpful to get a third-party perspective about your skill level and specific ways you can improve. Ask friends or trusted colleagues to provide constructive criticism regarding your interpersonal skills.

Observe other positive interpersonal interactions:

It can also be helpful to learn by observing others use their interpersonal skills. Observe positive interactions of those around you and apply the qualities you admire to your own relationships.

Seek mentorship:

Asking someone you trust, admire and respect to counsel you on improving interpersonal skills and advancing in your career can be an extremely effective way to learn.

 In this Post we have seen what interpersonal communication is and ways to Improve it. This question was asked in B tech 2nd Sem assignment. Will come back with other questions related to this particular assignmnet.

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